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Go to help menu from jaws, then internet resources. it's there. that may be a bit quicker.

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Yes, the Vocalizer synthesizers are available. I had a difficult time
finding them but if you keep trying, you'll get to it.


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Are the new voices available in the beta? I am using the beta, but
haven't had much time to explore.



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Eloquence is just too mechanical to be comfortable for long reading for me.

I also find that it has some nasty buffering issues on the systems I
use, where on long pages it tends to speed up after awhile as the
speech queue is filled. It starts at a speed I would find comfortable
but then works its way to something much faster.

On 9/13/12, Rose Combs <> wrote:
I think the best is the Paul voice from the K1000 package Next is the
Bookshare app for the I phone or Eloquence. So far I am not really
impressed with Real Speak or Vocalizer, not enough to change profiles even
for reading long articles.

I had Open Book set for Tom for a while and changed it back to Eloquence
where I could read faster.

Rose Combs

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I have to really pay attention, go slower, and ask for lots of repeats.
Eloquence, mechanical though it may be, gives me no trouble, and I can fly!
Amazing how subjective this stuff is. However, I'll readily admit
dialects are far better. Eloquence British is about the stupidest thing
I've ever heard.


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