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Soronel Haetir

They are available for use with the jfw14 beta but you have to
download them separately from the beta installer itself. This is
because each individual voice (at least for the high quality versions)
is nearly as large as the beta package itself, and for most people
most of the voices would be pretty much useless (due to being for
other languages etc).

On 9/13/12, Russell Solowoniuk <rsolowoniuk@...> wrote:
Are the new voices available in the beta? I am using the beta, but haven't
had much time to explore.



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On 2012-09-13, at 8:50 AM, Soronel Haetir <soronel.haetir@...> wrote:

Eloquence is just too mechanical to be comfortable for long reading for

I also find that it has some nasty buffering issues on the systems I
use, where on long pages it tends to speed up after awhile as the
speech queue is filled. It starts at a speed I would find comfortable
but then works its way to something much faster.

On 9/13/12, Rose Combs <> wrote:
I think the best is the Paul voice from the K1000 package Next is the
Bookshare app for the I phone or Eloquence. So far I am not really
impressed with Real Speak or Vocalizer, not enough to change profiles
for reading long articles.

I had Open Book set for Tom for a while and changed it back to Eloquence
where I could read faster.

Rose Combs

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I have to really pay attention, go slower, and ask for lots of repeats.
Eloquence, mechanical though it may be, gives me no trouble, and I can
Amazing how subjective this stuff is. However, I'll readily admit
dialects are far better. Eloquence British is about the stupidest thing
I've ever heard.


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