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Terra Syslo <tlsyslo@...>

Hi, I have the display to never sleep, but I'm not sure what else to change.

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Hello Terra,

I am running latest version of Jaws on a Windows 7, 32 bit with no screen
saver. I have my laptop set to never sleep the hard drive or anything when
it's plugged into electric outlet.

I can leave the computer for hours and when I return, everything works as

In short, I cannot reproduce your problem.


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Subject: very annoying JFW 13 problem

Hi. I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. I am running
the latest update of JFW 13 on a Windows 7 32 bit Dell laptop. I'm not using
a screensaver or anything, but when I leave my computer and come back later
a lot of times JFW won't stop reading whatever it is I'm in like if I arrow
up and down my email it will keep reading one line and pressing control to
shut it up does not work. I have to alt tab to the JAWS window and hit alt
and arrow up to exit and then reload JAWS for it to work properly again.
This happens a lot and I didn't notice it happening with JFW earlier
versions on my previous computer. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to
prevent JFW from doing this?

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