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Marilyn Womble

I would appreciate the same information, please.

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Soon I will be getting a new laptop and I am wondering what to be looking for as it has been five or more years since I got this one, and I haven't kept up with the latest. I am currently using a Dell Latitude 830 with XP pro, Jaws 11, MS small business 2007, an extensive Bible program that takes a lot of resources, IE8 and a few other smaller programs from time-to-time.
My laptop needs to be a work hoarse able to work for 12 to 14 hours a day. Quite often I am running a few programs at the same time such as; Jaws, Outlook, Word or Excel and my Bible program.
I will be upgrading to Jaws 14, and here is where I need some help. What operating system size, features, memory...

Thanks for the thoughts, David.
David Greene
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