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good grief,

find your enu folders and just save them, the main one you need should be at:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\12.0\SETTINGS\enu
the other which probably won't have anything of real importance, but it would be good to have just in case is at:
C:\Documents and Settings\{USER NAME}\Application Data\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\12.0\Settings\enu

these are the folders that hold all your script files, and other settings you make to jaws

you may need to redo some things like internet reading preferences just because some of the paths will change in the move up to 7, but all your settings and files will be there for you to work with.

also remember that in many cases, doing a recompile of script files using the .jss file for the set will reset many jaws scripts.

I hope this helps, I didn't realize that some of the info you were getting wasn't as straight forward as this.

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Last time I had to do this, I backed up any settings I'd created in the
JAWS setting folder. Got a specialized dictionary? Back it up.
Special configuration? Back it up. Dictionaries should be at the top
of the list, as they take the most time and trouble to replicate. My
bible dictionary has several hundred words, and has been a work in
progress since 1998; wouldn't want to lose it.


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Backup everything. Then once it is all said and done, then you can go
and delete that which you don't need. But if space is not of concern,
it for a while just in case.

Better to have it and not need it. Then to need it and not have it.

If you are going to reinstall the same version of jaws, then putting the

files back sometimes isn't a problem. but if you can you should try to
recreate these settings just to avoid possible complications.

If you want to know which files, like .jss, .jcf, or any others that you
transfer without any problems, that I don't know. Never done it before.

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Well, it is finally here. My very reliable and stable Windows XP laptop
been slated for an "upgrade" to Windows 7.
Many of the applications will be put back on the laptop, and I suspect
older structure won't be radically different for them.
I would like to keep certain settings in Jaws that I have built up over
past year -- since I've had this laptop.
I can copy files to a folder on my network drive.
Any tips on which files to be certain to copy and which ones to be
to leave behind?

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