Re: OmniPage Professional vs ABBYY FineReader Professional

Brice Smith

If you need a quick and reliable OCR service and want to test out how
ABBYY compares to another product, consider using ABBYY finereadder
online. You simply upload your file to ABBYY online and your file will
be converted for you. You have access to the same OCR recognition
service that you would get with the desktop program but without having
to install anything. The first 20 pages are free. 200 pages costs only

On 9/8/12, Adrian Spratt <> wrote:

I haven't used Abbey, but I'm extremely happy with OmniPage 18. I found
installation and registration difficult and had to call Nuance for
assistance. As I write, I don't recall what the obstacle was. But once past
that hurdle, all I have to do is highlight the PDF file, press the
applications key and arrow down to OmniPage. I press enter, and I'm
presented with a list of options, which include MS Word, WordPerfect, RTF,
text, and so on. I press enter on my choice, and OmniPage proceeds to
perform OCR. A new file is created in the chosen format.

The results are better than anything I tried before, including earlier
versions of OmniPage. But again, I haven't compared it to Abbey.

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Which works best with Jaws? Special on now for OmniPage Professional 18.
Have been using ABBYY Sprint that came with my scanner but haven't tried
there pro version yet.


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