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How exactly does this relate to the topic of the list? Just curious.

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looking for some inpsiration and some ideas.
i am enrolling in a diploma in web site development.
using a major project, for my web site design course.
and need to build a database, content management system, and probably
programming in visual basic, visual web developer, php, droople.
so any one got any ideas, or suggestion, i could let my head teacher know,
what type of major project.
and i use jaws for windows 12, on windows vista home premium, but looking to
install windows 7.
and visual studio professional 2010, microsoft project 2010.
so any one got any suggestions.
i did throw him a couple of ideas, my star trek site that i am rebuilding
and extend, or a disability database.
any ideas and suggestions would be welcome for a major project.
marvin, from devonport, tasmania, australia.
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