Re: What? Windows 8?

Rose Combs <rosecombs@...>

I plan to stay with 7 until and if something compelling makes me change,
something I need or want to do, my work place is still on XP, I did not jump
to Windows 7 the day it came out either.

Rose Combs

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Debatable. I'm still on XP, so I don't really know what I'm talking about,
but I plan to advance straight to Windows 8. for one thing, it appears that
Windows 8 will give access to the kinds of apps we're always hearing about
with Apple. One feature mentioned on the FSCast is that every app will
indicate if it is accessible. The accessibility positives may not be
reliable, but it would save a lot of time to know when they're definitely
not. Improving accessibility features look like they might be an ongoing
advantage of Windows 8. I hope this isn't wishful thinking.


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Crystal. Many people ran XP for six years because they didn't want to bother
with Vista. There is no reason at all not to stick with Windows 7 for the
forseeable future.

At 01:10 PM 9/7/2012, you wrote:
Oh, good grief.

I'm working on getting a new computer right now, which will have
Windows 7...

Now, they are putting out an 8.

At least, my Jaws is current, for whatever that is worth.


Crystal, who is never up to speed

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