JAWS 14 FSCast

Adrian Spratt

Thanks to Dean Martineau's newsletter today, I learn that there is an FSCast
on JAWS 14. I am in the school that wishes FS would fix problems rather than
add new features, but the ones in JAWS 14 look very promising.

FS is making available Vocalizer voices, still being developed by Nuance.
(Neither Eloquence nor RealSpeak has been upgraded in years.) Based on the
FSCast demonstration, they sound more pleasing and appear more responsive to
commands than RealSpeak. There may finally be a viable alternative to
Dectalk Express, which I have clung to through the years.

The demonstration of JAWS 14 and Windows 8 is also encouraging, and FS has
made a change to how JAWS handles Outlook messages that might finally
convince me to upgrade from 2003.

The improvements to Text Analyzer look as though they'll simplify the visual
aspects of editing documents.

Here's the link:
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