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John Martyn

As far as I know, setting up the drives needs sighted assistance with
promise technologies and netgear. It is accessible after the initial setup
though. Still testing out the netgear NAS thing.

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Good morning everyone,

By way of a quick introduction I'm Peter Donahue from San Antonio Texas.

I was on one of the old JFW Lists in the late 1990s the one hosted by Nick
Allen of Australia. At FS's urging I was encouraged to join this list as
We're in the market for a Network Attached Storage System and need to get
recommendations from other JFW users concerning the usability of NAS
software with JAWS.

For those unfamilliar with Network Attached Storage these systems allow
an individual or a corporation to "Warehouse" their data in a single place
on their computer network. NAS drives contain one to 30 disks and can store
terrabytes of information. They also have the ability to "Mirror" drives. In
the event a single disk is damaged or becomes unusable your data is still
protected from loss as a "Copy" of the effected disk is created by the
system. This is a form of data redundency and is a good feature to have if
you have lots of important files to store.

Until now we've used external hard drives but feel that it makes more
sense to keep our important information on a single storage that can be
accessed from all of our computers, over the Internet and via a smart phone.

Quite a few NAS systems have most if not all of these capabilities and a
whole lot more. Some include media servers, print servers, Web servers,
along with other capabilities.

Whenever we consider purchassing new enhancements to our information
management infrastructure if it has a software component the old question
must be answered "Will it work with JAWS?" Before we shell out the bucks
we're hoping to answer this question to insure that the NAS system we
purchass will meet our needs and be usable with JAWS. Right now a prime
candidate for purchass is products from Buffalo Technologies:

I've been communicating with one of Buffalo's tech support gurus who is
testing their management software "Linkstation" and "Terastation" for its
usability with JAWS. Unfortunately they performed their testing with Google
Chrome and got the expected results. I told them that Google Chrome is
currently not supported by JAWS and to retest using Internet Explorer or
Firefox. Since it's a holiday weekend here in the states and they'll
probably be swampped with calls from clients whose systems need
resussitation I probably won't hear back from them until later next week.
However I will commend them for taking the time to test their software using
the JFW demo. Are there any Buffalo NAS users on this list? I'd like to hear
about your experiences with their software and JFW.

Since we've been using Western Digital products we considered their "My
Book Live" cloud storage system but heard that the configuration software
was problematic with JAWS. Patriot Memory's Javelin product would meet our
needs but I'm not very impressed with a company who doesn't man its sales
line during business hours so potential customers can reach a human that can
help them instead of having to leave a message on their voicemail system and
wait for a call that may or may not be returned. The one person I know who
uses a Patriot Memory NAS product told me it works well with JFW.

Iomega, HP, and NetGear are other NAS contenders. If folks here can
recommend other NAS products that are JFW-friendly we'd like to hear about
them. Your suggestions and recommendations will be very much appreciated.

Peter Donahue

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