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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

Interestingly, my choice of a 64-bit machine and a 32-bit OS had no side
effects at all. XP Media Center ran flawlessly, as did everything from
JAWS 7-10, and upgrading to Office 2007 proved to be a good move. Only
with 11 did problems occur. If you've been around a while, you heard
the tragic story of JAWS 11-12 and Access, so we won't go there anymore.
Suffice it to say 10 was the last XP-friendly edition, so that's where
I'm staying for now.

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2006 sounds about like the right timeframe. I may have mentioned the
wrong NFB convention, it could have been Atlanta. It was going back-and
forth between Atlanta and Dallas back then.

It was a real nightmare for those of us to which it happened, and the
people at Freedom were disappointingly unconcerned about solving the
problem on their end. I do not exaggerate when I tell you they said "we
have no plans to support 64-bit hardware", and they made it clear they
meant with JAWS 9 or any future releases. Obviously, they got past their
hesitation, but it would have been quite a wait to get a 64-bit version
of JAWS back then; a year or more, I suppose.

It isn't like this hasn't happened before with similar migrations from
8-bit to 16-bit to 32-bit, and with all of the other major changes like
drive access limitations, RAM limits, etc., but maybe that was the first
time it happened with a Freedom Product? Vista had just come out and
there were like 6 different versions of that as well, so there was much
confusion in the marketplace. Actually, I think Vista came out in
January of 2007, so I expect this was Summer 2007.

We had already ordered a PAC Mate so there would be seamless use of JAWS
on both platforms and so we could use the braille display from the PAC
Mate on the computer, etc., so we were feeling awfully committed to this
financially and then all of the mis-info began to catch up with us. Had
we just spent that many thousands of dollars for a solution that was
effectively "broken" before it even arrived at our home?

All I know was I was a sighted and rather braille-needs-clueless parent
of a blind child, just coming of age to start having computer needs and
it turned into a really expensive and time-consuming fiasco. I've dealt
with computers professionally for over 20 years now, but in this
situation I was entirely at their mercy-- basically the only game on
town (or the only real "player"), especially based on what was available
and the information we had back then.

My level of concern is probably less warranted with today's technology
situation, but it is hard not to advise others to be really careful
about assuming it is a simple as tossing something into a special folder
and the problem will solve itself.

Richard Holloway, Vice President
Georgia Organization of Parents of Blind Children

On Aug 1, 2011, at 12:03 PM, Lisle, Ted wrote:

I guess it all worked out. I'd have been royally hacked if I'd bought
64-bit OS, only to find I couldn't use JAWS, which would have been the
case back in 2006.

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It used to be the case that 64-bit systems couldn't support very
32-bit programs, and the other way around. Mostly that was due to the
those programs weren't written with the possibility of 64-bit systems
mind. Most of those issues have been worked out where they can be,
exceptions already noted on this list.

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Early reports from supposedly reliable sources stated that 64-bit OS's
not run 32-bit programs. That's the main reason I stuck with 32-bit
going to XP. Only later did I learned the error.

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I don't know of any 32-bit programs that won't run on a 64-bit system,
although I suppose there may be some. But, that is what the
folder is for, that's where the 32-bit programs that run in Win 7 or
64-bit editions live.

Jaws is available in either 32 or 64-bit editions. If you have the

installation DVD, it will recognize which version you need for your
if not, just go to the FS site and download the correct version.
Take my advice, I don't use it anyway.

Lansing, MI
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32 vs. 64 bit has to do with the way the computer physically
data; literally 32 or 64 pieces of information at a time

that many ones or zeros at a time-- that's what a "bit" is, a one or

zero in binary computing. Multiple bits comprise a byte. Enough bytes
a "k", then megs, gigs, etc.)

You must run the correct bit OS on the appropriate processor.
vary. You can run some 32 bit applications on some 64 bit machines
which I
assume requires some sort of emulation mode by the OS which may be
transparent to the user. 64 bit applications won't work for 32 bit.

JAWS 9 was 32 bit only. At the time that was out, Freedom told me
no intention of supporting 64 bit machines in the future. Once most
machines started going 32 bit, they changed their tune a bit. (Pun

I assume current JAWS has a dual installer that works on both? I know
are currently supported one way or another.

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On Jul 30, 2011, at 5:00 PM, "Crystal French"


I have Jaws 12, but have reverted to Jaws 11 as 12 was crashing too

I'm afraid I need to think seriously about a new computer.

I'm still with XP Home.

Can someone tell me what would be the major difference between
Windows 7
32 bit or 64 bit?


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