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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

WinDVD has a right click menu which is accessible. It's not free, but,
like PowerDVD, has been a popular OEM for several years. I haven't seen
it, but am sure their current version supports the latest high-def
It's customizable, with a nice feature set, but don't be surprised if it
hides much of its control panel under Media Center. I looked for some
of those features for a year.

Don't overlook RealPlayer. It handles some tough titles about as
elegantly as one could wish--even MASH. It took me years to master that
one, and the computer was a great help. Also, when attempting to watch
"The Searchers: a while back, WinDVD stalled, but RealPlayer didn't even


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Is it free and can you access dvd menus with jaws?
As far as I know, the menus on DVD's differ from disc to disc -
they aren't standardized.

I'm not sure any tool is going to enable your screen reader to read
the onscreen menu the sighted see.

But, various players will allow you to access the content. It's not
as elegant but it works.

Or, alternatively, get a copy of DVD Audio Extractor and rip the
audio from your discs to mp3 or some other audio format for
listening. This at least saves hard drive space.


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