Re: jaws and the xm radio listening page

mike mcglashon

ok how about this then, is there a way to access the channel list box? or combo box or something like that?

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Michael, I never figured it out. I seem to remember the edit box stayed up
until I either entered a channel that wasn't on, or used the buttons to go
up and down the channel list. The player leaves a lot to be desired.
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Subject: jaws and the xm radio listening page

hey guys:
does anyone use jaws whilst listening to xm on their player page?
if yeah then my question has to do with changing channels.
it seems that I can move up and down sequencially through the channnels but say I wanted to go from a ball game in the 800 channels and then go to classic vinyl which is channel 26 there seems to be no way to go into an edit box and type the number 26 in there to go directly to it.
I seem to remember that you could do that at one time.
the first time you login to listen online link you get an edit box but after you put that channel in there it never appears again.
has anyone tried this?
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