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Mike Mote <mikemote@...>

Thanks David. Any other hot keys in WLM that are helpful?

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Press f5 to bring in the messages using windows live mail.

As for your other question;


E=email accounts,
Now choose your account, tab properties,
Right arrow to advance, now tab you will find the setting your looking for.

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Hi folks! Windows live mail works Ok. I'm wondering how you can check for
mail. I know you can set the program to check for mail every 5 or 10
minutes, or whatever you want. In Outlook Express, and Outlook, you can use
control m to check your mail anytime. Is there a similar command in WLM?

Also, when it checks mail, it's leaving the messages on the server. I've
looked in the place where I thought that option would be, only to find it
wasn't there. So how can you change that?
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