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I'm playing with WLM now and it's ok. I really don't care for the ribbon, but I'll have to write down the shortcuts until I remember them. Can someone tell me how to get to the mail settings where you create a signiture, spell check automatically when you send and that sort of thing? I found some options, but not what I wanted. I too looked under properties and didn't see it there either. I'm not real familiar with WLM now. LOL.

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I found the leave mail on server option. I was thinking for some reason it
was in the set up under mail, and not under account. Oops!

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F5 does the send receive via keyboard, you have to hit it twice if you
want the progress window displayed.

Send receive can also be triggered via via the ribbon,
hit alt, arrow to the Application tab, down arrow, then left arrow a
few times to send/receive and hit enter.

I just took a look, the "Leave a copy of messages on server" checkbox
is on the advanced tab of the accounts properties window, which is
pretty much where I expected it to be.

The easy way to get to properties for an account that has already been
created is to select the top level folder for that account (the one
in which 'inbox' for the account logically lives) from the folder tree
view and right click and select properties.

On 8/18/12, Mike Mote <> wrote:
Hi folks! Windows live mail works Ok. I'm wondering how you can check for
mail. I know you can set the program to check for mail every 5 or 10
minutes, or whatever you want. In Outlook Express, and Outlook, you can use
control m to check your mail anytime. Is there a similar command in WLM?

Also, when it checks mail, it's leaving the messages on the server. I've
looked in the place where I thought that option would be, only to find it
wasn't there. So how can you change that?
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