Re: Strange problem with Windows XP

Soronel Haetir

Are you sure that this is actually an auto arrangement and not some
joke that is being played on her? Right click the desktop and then
underview make sure that auto arrange is selected.

If not that I would make sure that she has not selected some right to
left locale (even with RTL if the text is in a script that windows
recognizes as LTR it will get displayed correctly, just not
necessarily where one would expect).

On 8/17/12, Bill White <> wrote:
My friend is having a strange problem with her Windows XP and JAWS. Here are
the symptoms.

The icons on the desktop are arranged in alphabetic order as they should be
except that the My Documents icon is in the righthand most column in the top
right hand corner, and the other icons are in columns going to the left
instead of the normal way where the My Documents icon is at the top left and
the last icon is at the bottom of the right hand column.

Does anyone know why this is, and how to correct it so the icons revert back
to a left to righthand column order again?

Thank you.
Bill White

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