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James Homuth


The problem in this case was not to do with Windows Vista or 7, but rather
that you were running JAWS 9, which didn't support Windows Vista, either 32
or 64-bit. There was no 64-bit version of JAWS 9 to my knowledge, and as was
established earlier in this thread, due to how closely the software
interacts with the OS, such a thing running on a 64-bit system would be no
less than a bad idea. Still, I think it should be pointed out that JAWS 9
doesn't even run on the 32-bit Vista, as it's not supported, therefore is
rather a non-issue.

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Well, JAWS 9 comes to mind (which absolutely destroyed the OS on our Vista
PC when we bought a 64-bit machine), at least under Vista, as well as most
(if not all) virus protection software.

It can be really hit, or miss... (buyer beware).


On Jul 30, 2011, at 6:00 PM, Steve wrote:


I don't know of any 32-bit programs that won't run on a 64-bit system,
although I suppose there may be some. But, that is what the Programs\x86
folder is for, that's where the 32-bit programs that run in Win 7 or Vista
64-bit editions live.

Jaws is available in either 32 or 64-bit editions. If you have the Jaws
installation DVD, it will recognize which version you need for your system;
if not, just go to the FS site and download the correct version.
Take my advice, I don't use it anyway.

Lansing, MI
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32 vs. 64 bit has to do with the way the computer physically
addresses the data; literally 32 or 64 pieces of information at a
time (specifically that many ones or zeros at a time-- that's what a
"bit" is, a one or a zero in binary computing. Multiple bits comprise
a byte. Enough bytes make a "k", then megs, gigs, etc.)

You must run the correct bit OS on the appropriate processor.
Applications vary. You can run some 32 bit applications on some 64 bit
machines which I assume requires some sort of emulation mode by the OS which
may be transparent to the user. 64 bit applications won't work for 32 bit.

JAWS 9 was 32 bit only. At the time that was out, Freedom told me
they had no intention of supporting 64 bit machines in the future.
Once most new machines started going 32 bit, they changed their tune
a bit. (Pun intended.)

I assume current JAWS has a dual installer that works on both? I know
both are currently supported one way or another.

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On Jul 30, 2011, at 5:00 PM, "Crystal French"
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I have Jaws 12, but have reverted to Jaws 11 as 12 was crashing too

I'm afraid I need to think seriously about a new computer.

I'm still with XP Home.

Can someone tell me what would be the major difference between Windows 7
32 bit or 64 bit?


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