Re: scripting suggestions now open for creating Netflix Blind

Tim Ford


Netflix should pay you a bunch of money for your efforts, or at least pay you a royalty each time your scripts are downloaded from the Netflix web site, but I suppose I am getting ahead of things now! Thanks so much for your willingness and desire to help remedy the current Netflix situation.

Tim Ford

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From: John Martyn
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2015 11:31 PM
Subject: scripting suggestions now open for creating Netflix Blind

if you haven't been following the threads so far, now you can make
suggestions as to what you'd like to see. This is a groups effort as to
what you'd like to do. I am eager to take on even the most complex of
suggestions. It is amazing as to what can be done at this point. One
thing I have not checked out is if netflix is in multiple languages.
Netflix blind is best for multi-lingual solutions from the get go and
can be translated by anyone as all my scripts do this now. To make
things clear, I see the background objects and can decipher them in
lists, result viewer, and more. Just knowing what you want is what I am
here for. I tried hard in the past and failed miserably, but now I have
the power of the code on my side now. JAWS 17 is easier to install the
scripts, but jaws 15 and up can participate with a little installing
process. This script is a power house so far and will continue to get
better in time for christmas. I am waiting on other projects to work
through, but in my spare time I will read all your suggestions and make
room for it all. Already in process is full control over the player
built into netflix. This is where I failed before, but after a few hours
of playing around, I soon found it to be completely accessible. Once
this is tackled, I will jump to the other helpful scripts that will take
over netflix. You can activate things without even being near the object
such as a play button or in another results or list dialog. It just
dpends on what your imagination can take you. So speak up, now is the time.
Thanks for all your support,
John Martyn

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