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32-bit programs in the vast majority of times will work on a 64-bit machine. The problem is on older hardware where you need to find drivers for the 64-bit machines; and on some older printers, they may not have drivers for Windows 7.

The reason why you need to match the Win-Eyes or Jaws 64-bit software with the 64-bit Windows machine is that the screen-reader is much more closely embedded to the machine than a normal program is due to the video chaining interface. That's why you need a 64-bit version of Win-Eyes or Jaws to run on a Windows 64-bit machine. But, normal programs aren't tied in that tightly with the other aspects of the computer, so 32-bit programs will work on a 64-bit system.
Take my advice, I don't use it anyway.

Lansing, MI

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Is it the 32 bit software that won't run on a 64 bit machine, or is it just the items that require drivers--those 32 bit software packages that interface with a device that would require a 32 bit driver?
If it doesn't interface with a driver, would a 32 bit software package work on a 64 bit machine?

Dennis Brown

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Hi, Crystal.

I also haven't upgraded to Windows 7, but I've been gathering ideas for
when the time comes. Judging by what I've read and heard, we may not
experience a big difference at this time with 64-bit, but clearly it's the
way of the future, alongside Windows 7. Several listers voiced concern that
some older applications that haven't been updated for years won't function
on a 64-bit machine. I think of those useful little programs at Debbie
Scales' website. In my case, my prize computer component is a Dectalk Plus.
Some listers indicate that it should work on a 64-bit machine, but no one
using a 64-bit machine with the Dectalk has posted confirmation.

My tech consultant says that a 32-bit machine can be upgraded to 64-bit. He
has never misinformed me, so I take this statement to be true, but I don't
recall anyone posting about doing such an upgrade on the list.

Based on these considerations, when the time for me to go Windows 7 arrives,
I plan to install the 32-bit version with a view to upgrading to 64-bit when

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I have Jaws 12, but have reverted to Jaws 11 as 12 was crashing too often.

I'm afraid I need to think seriously about a new computer.

I'm still with XP Home.

Can someone tell me what would be the major difference between Windows 7 32
bit or 64 bit?


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