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I have installed JAWS on several netbooks and i works OK. But many netbooks does nok have the posibility to add more RAM. A netbook with Win7, JAWS and 1GB RAM is very slow. If you can find a netbook with 2 or 3 GB RAM I think it will work OK. As a JAWS user a laptop will do a better job since JAWS is a heavy proces it self. Netbooks have smaller CPU's and RAM capacity.

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On 2012 08 06 21:02, William Sallander wrote:
I'm thinking of purchasing a netbook or a laptop computer.
I know that Jaws works very well with most laptops but was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience using a netbook with jaws.
I'm more concerned with the chip sets that some netbooks use as well as graphics cards and if Jaws will get along with them.
I'm also wondering if there are any ram considerations I should watch for with any netbooks.
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