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If you're having problems with Yahoo.Finance, I wonder how much experience
you have with JAWS. On that website, I've set a placemarker just above the
headlines. From there, I can arrow down through each headline, or I can go
up with four presses of shift-n to the start of the numbers, beginning with
the security's current price.

As for Google, my placemarker at "beta" gets me straight to the point where
financial info ends and headlines begin.

I don't have recent experience with TD Ameritrade, but it used to be
manageable for most purposes, and someone I spoke to recently says it still
is except for what she needs, which is to trade options. You don't mention

I use Schwab. It is already mostly accessible, and definitely for all the
purposes you mention. The company also recently entered into a so-called
"structured settlement" in which it has agreed to make additional
accessibility improvements.

To navigate any broker's website, you will undoubtedly need to use
placemarkers and letter navigation, such as c for combo box. Do you know how
to open, make selections in and close combo boxes? That may be where you're
missing crucial information.

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Hi folks,
I am not a day trader, but like to manage my investments, stocks, mutual
funds, etc, online with Jaws.
Currently with which is bad and cannot really do the trade
with only jaws, boxes difficult to get to, certain items don't get read, or
tables confusing ..

Could someone recommended a site that is proven ?

Called jaws support line and no help ..

How about

By the way, any recommendations for a simple and easy accessible site for
financial news and quotes, research? Both Google and Yahoo seem daunting
with too many options.

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