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Glad to hear this; I've also seen good rankings for this, but have settled for Avira for a while now. Don't care for it much. I'll give Vipre a go and probably purchase it if it works as well as you say...

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I love VIPRE. It is totally accessible, fast and seamless. It is a highly
ranked antivirus program. I have used it for years on many computers, and
have never gotten infected. Check it out here:


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Hi guys,
I switched to mac over 2 years ago now, and have hardly used JAWS or windows
I recently had to get a windows computer for work, so have to start using
JAWS again.
I need a good antivirus and spyware program, I used to use avast but it's no
longer accessible.
Can someone tell me a good and affordable program that's completely
accessible with JAWS and that doesn't slow down or affect the running of
the laptop?

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