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Cy Selfridge

Other than being non JAWS related Human Ware discontinued the Trekker a
couple of years ago. Their new item is the Breeze.

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Nice package. By the way, I didn't see your E-Mail address in your message.
When you ask members to contact you directly it helps to put that in. For
the benefit of the list, it is:

Dave Carlson
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Latitude E6520, JAWS 13.0.718, and Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

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Humanware Global Positioning System Trekker is HumanWare's
revolutionary orientation aid. It uses the Global Positioning System
(GPS), and digital maps to help blind and visually impaired people
find their way in urban and rural areas. Trekker users can pinpoint
exactly where they are, and be made aware of points of interest in the
area. It complements existing mobility aids (white canes and guide
dogs). It does not replace them. Trekker components: GPS Receiver
RoyalTek RBT 2001 & Clip-on case External Speaker with audio cable
Power Splitter (used to charge the GPS receiver, External Speaker or
PDA at the same time) Strap A GPS map on CD and a storage card Maestro
is a standard Personal Digital Assistant, or PDA, that has been made
accessible to blind and visually impaired people by Human Ware's
Maestro application suite. With Maestro you can now enjoy the
ultra-compact size of a real PDA with essential Windows-compatible
applications, including a Calendar, Contacts Manager, word processor,
DAISY books reader, Vocal Note Taker, Media Player Email, Web Browser
and File explorer. Maestro allows you to easily transfer files between
your PDA and your PC and synchronize your appointments, contact
information, e-mails, tasks, books, music files, documents and
favorites. Maps that are installed are; Indiana, Michigan, Illinois,
and Kentucky I am selling this because I have never really used it. I
paid $1,900 and am selling it for $500. I am not sure that things can
be sold here but if interested contact me.

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