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Richard Holloway

Your tech fellow would need to basically replace the entire logic board in your computer. This is how data is addressed by your processor. The ram is different. Everything internally has to handle double the data flow. I think you would need new drives too and certainly it would be advisable in any case.

32 to 64 bit is basically buying a new machine. You might be able to reuse a case or power supply, but this is generally more expensive than buying a new machine.

Ask your tech to explain what would be involved in more detail. There is some missing info involved here.

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Hi, Crystal.

I also haven't upgraded to Windows 7, but I've been gathering ideas for
when the time comes. Judging by what I've read and heard, we may not
experience a big difference at this time with 64-bit, but clearly it's the
way of the future, alongside Windows 7. Several listers voiced concern that
some older applications that haven't been updated for years won't function
on a 64-bit machine. I think of those useful little programs at Debbie
Scales' website. In my case, my prize computer component is a Dectalk Plus.
Some listers indicate that it should work on a 64-bit machine, but no one
using a 64-bit machine with the Dectalk has posted confirmation.

My tech consultant says that a 32-bit machine can be upgraded to 64-bit. He
has never misinformed me, so I take this statement to be true, but I don't
recall anyone posting about doing such an upgrade on the list.

Based on these considerations, when the time for me to go Windows 7 arrives,
I plan to install the 32-bit version with a view to upgrading to 64-bit when

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I have Jaws 12, but have reverted to Jaws 11 as 12 was crashing too often.

I'm afraid I need to think seriously about a new computer.

I'm still with XP Home.

Can someone tell me what would be the major difference between Windows 7 32
bit or 64 bit?


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