Re: JAWS 13 Update & Bard Navigation

Brian and Denise Albriton <autoharp@...>

I installed the update and went to bard. After logging in, jaws drops into forms mode making so the arrow keys don't move through the page. m Taking it out of forms mode of course brings the arrow keys back to there usual navigation.
It doesn't do itconsistentanlty, for instance if you go to the google page.

On Fri, 27 Jul 2012, Morey Worthington wrote:

Hi all,
Using the newest bill of Jaws 13, out yesterday, I just went into the BARD page, signed in, and had no dificulty at all. After signing in, I used the down arrow and it went to the first line of text. Using Win/7 HP on a 32 B machine, so no problem on this end.
Morey Worthington

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