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Hello from Austin,
Indeed, FS and Microsoft have both left XP users in the proverbial dust. Eventually, it will choke us. I've reluctantly migrated to Windows 7, but I've held on to my XP for the times I just can't cope with learning more commands, configurations and other dido's.
Malcolm Graham

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As Mitch suggested, it may be an XP problem. From what you say, it is. Maybe
FS is beginning to leave us XP hangers-on in its wake.

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Hi all,
Using the newest bill of Jaws 13, out yesterday, I just went into the BARD
page, signed in, and had no dificulty at all. After signing in, I used the
down arrow and it went to the first line of text. Using
Win/7 HP on a 32 B machine, so no problem on this end.
Morey Worthington

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