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Dave Mitchell

Thanks for expanding on the key combinations. I knew better and should have done likewise for newer users as using that JAWS key with F7 has become an automatic response.
In the end, this may be a quicker way to the links anyhow and since it works fine at the BARD site, I guess you could install the update now or wait as you intend. Mitch

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Thanks for the kind word, Mitch. To avoid confusing anyone, the links list
key combo is JAWS key+F7. You get out of this links list either by pressing
enter on the link you want or with the escape key.

Based on your report, I won't install the newest JAWS release until others
who have XP report their experiences.

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Adrian to the rescue again.
He suggested using the F7 feature to create a list of links and this worked
Never mind that it was unnecessary prior to this latest update but a simple
enough fix assuming someone of my advancing age can retain this in memory.
Thanks again Adrian for your unselfish help to all on this list. Mitch
In those days he was wiser than he is now --
he used to frequently take my advice.
Winston Churchill

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