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Hi Adrian,

A while back someone from this list had passed along a message about a program that could help make it easier for us to install flash player. Recently I had to take my computer back down to factory settings so I lost the message and program. It was called mnite or something to that affect. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, could you please resend it? Thanks.

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for the past week or more, I kept getting a message alerting me to a problem
with Adobe Flash Player update. It offered no explanation or solution. I'm
surprised no one else has posted about this.

This evening I decided to uninstall AFP and reinstall from the website.
However, add/remove programs provided a link to AFP update support. From
this, I learned that as of current version 11.3, AFP has revised its update
options. One is now to have updates installed without the user being
alerted. I expect this will spare us that annoying update alert with the
unlabeled buttons.

It turned out that in order to install 11.3, I had to uninstall the existing
version after all.

The installation process required some switching between windows with
alt-tab and some reading with the JAWS cursor. JAWS does not pick up that
new information has been added on a screen or that a new window has opened
with critical information or choices, so you have to actively look for it.
Note also that Adobe tells you to run, not save, the program and to click on
run a second time when the security message alert comes on.

Here is the link to the products update page:

Note. Adobe recognized that I was running IE. I don't know how this
installation will affect or work with Firefox, which I also have.
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