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there you go.

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Go to my computer, place your curser on the title of the file you want to
burn, then press the right mouse button or context menu and choose the
option which says "add to windows player list". Alt tab back to your file
list and do the same with all of the files you want on that CD. Once you're
done with that, alt tab to windows media player. Tab to the burn button, and
press enter to select it. Keep then tabing to where it says library list
biew and past that to where it says start burn button. Select that option by
pressing enter and it should work.
To rip, put your CD into your computer, wait for the auto play menu to come
up and chose the "rip music from CD using windows media player" option.
Press enter on that and it will automatically rip. If you put subsequent cds
after the first cd that you want to rip to your computer, then don't close
windows media player once your first CD has successfully riped. Each new cd
will automatically start ropping after the first one has been roped to your
To find the files you've riped from your D, go to your music folder.
Sometimes it will be under the unknown artist folder since the cds will not
be titled properly.
Hope this helps.

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Would someone please me in very simple terms how to rip and burn
useing windows media player.

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