Re: Question about Adobe X

Chris Smart <csmart8@...>

it's probably an image. have you hit page down or control+page down a couple times, to make sure the first screen isn't just blank?

At 07:01 PM 7/14/2012, you wrote:
Okay, I downloaded Adobe X 10 and have tried opening a book. It appears to be empty. In Adobe version 7, JAWS told me that Adobe said "alert, empty document." However, I am not getting such a message from Adobe X. Is this a change, or is there some way to get it to tell me?

One reason that I am uncertain is that it says something like 71.5% when I am using the JAWS cursor, so I can't tell if it just isn't finished, or if the document is an image.

Any help would be appreciated.

TerriLynne Pomeroy

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