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L Fairman <lfairman@...>

Hi list,

I'm thinking of setting up a web presence for a group I belong to, and
potentially serving as an administrator.
When I looked into this several years ago, a technically savvy friend told
me I'd need an online Content Management System. However, at that time we
didn't find one that worked comfortably with JAWS, and with my user-level
web skills.

Now I'm looking again.

Our group would need an online database from which we'd want to print a
member directory, lists of who serves on what committee, etc.

We would want to send out email to sub-groups of folks in the database, in
order to distribute the newsletter, or publish announcements.

We would also want to have an online newsletter archive, and current pages
of information showing upcoming events, background information, and so on.

Given these needs, is there an online Content Management System, or other
suitable software, that works well with JAWS and does not require too much
inside techie knowledge of internet servers?

I use the latest JAWS, currently running with Vista, with a Windows update
probably in my near future.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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