Re: IE 8 and newest Jaws upgrades

Dorothy <dorothy.ingram-gorban@...>

Hello Iam not sure why your Post has arrived in my inbox but never mind.
You do not say just which system you are using, I.e.9 will not work with xp
machines only windows 7,possibly vista, can you catch the error and send it
to fs or ms and you may get help good luck dorothy

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Subject: IE 8 and newest Jaws upgrades

Morning all, After installing the newest bill of Jaws (0169), and
even with the (161) versions of Jaws, IE8 , IE8 wants to crash many
times. Meaning, it says that IE has encountered a problem and this
session has encountered a problem and will shut down.
Is IE9 any better at keeping focus, or what other Browsers might a
person use?. Does this happen to anyone using IE9???

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