Re: IE 8 and newest Jaws upgrades

Angela Delicata <angeladelicata@...>

I personally use Firefox as my default browser.

Best regards.
Angela from Italy.

I computer sono incredibilmente veloci, accurati e stupidi. Gli uomini sono
incredibilmente lenti, inaccurati e intelligenti. L'insieme dei due
costituisce una forza incalcolabile.
Albert Einstein

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Subject: IE 8 and newest Jaws upgrades

Morning all, After installing the newest bill of Jaws (0169), and
even with the (161) versions of Jaws, IE8 , IE8 wants to crash many
times. Meaning, it says that IE has encountered a problem and this
session has encountered a problem and will shut down.
Is IE9 any better at keeping focus, or what other Browsers might a
person use?. Does this happen to anyone using IE9???

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