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Hi Darran,

Before when I helped you it was for Jaws10. These steps are for Jaws13.

In the default Settings Center in punctuation I show 9 different kinds of
bullits using Jaws 13.0.924. In this list of punctuation marks, numbers 114
throu 122, are the different types of bullits. When making changes in
Customize Punctuation, if you do not want Jaws to speak/recognize a
particular punctuation mark you want to choose the
" all " selection. You will have 4 radio buttons to arrow up or down
through. They are none, some, most, & all. In these selections they work
backwards than what you would think. For example; If you choose " none "
for the dollar sign, Jaws will speak / recognize every dollar sign in
whatever you are reading. On the other hand, if you choose the " all "
radio button, Jaws will not speak / recognize any dollar signs. To make a
change to a particular punctuation sign follow the steps below.
1. Press Jaws/insert key + 6 on the number row for the Settings Center.
2. Press control,shift, +D , to open the default Settings Center.
3. Arrow down to Puntuation & press right arrow to open, & arrow down 1 time
to Customize Punctuation & press the spacebar to open. Or type Punctuation
into the search box, & wait a couple of seconds for the list to populate.
Arrow down to Customize Punctuation... & press the spacebar to open. Do not
press enter on Customize Punctuation... because this will close the Settings
4. You are now in a list of punctuation marks. Arrow down the list and when
you have the punctuation mark you want to change highlighted, tab 1 time to
the radio buttons that I mentioned earlier.
5. Keeping in mind what I mentioned earlier about these choices working
backwards, check the box in this list, in your case not wanting any bullits
spoken, choose the all button.
6. Now, if you want to make a change to another punctuation mark, shift tab
back to the list and highlight a different punctuation mark, tab back to the
radio buttons and check the box you prefer.
7. After you are done making your changes tab to okay and press enter to
save your changes & close the Settings Center.
Now, I hope that you are not as confused as I am after typing all of this.
LOL Hope this has helped. Take care.
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Subject: JFW and Bullet Announcements

Hi List.
In the past, I was greatly helped by another list member to resolve this
issue, but I've checked and checked and I can't turn up his list of
instructions. So I'm back again!

I don't like hearing all the bullet announcements when reading on the web
or in emails etc, and I know there's somewhere in the settings I can go to
alter this type of thing. The options are to hear all, some most and none.
But I've looked and I simply can't seem to find the correct section. And
this is using the latest version of JAWS.

To hear no bullet announcements, I think I have to select "all", is this
correct? Does seem rather counter-intuitive though! Anyway, can anyone help
me resolve this?

Many thanks in advance.


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