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douglas richard dexheimer

Recently I started having problems changing the about:config file to make Firefox more responsive on sites that use Flash content. Once I type in the URL and select the "I'll be careful" button, my system sort of locks where it is, and I can't tab to the filter editfield, or it takes a long struggle to get there. There's a warning message saying changing these settings could harm my computer or affect my privacy. I should be sure of what I'm doing before continuing. As I'm tabbing through the fields I hear "search bookmarks and history," "search using ask," "about:config tab," etc., like the site is trying to load and not responding. Anyone have an idea how to fix this whenever I need to change the configurations in my browser? Thanks.
By the way, I've been having to change Firefox versions from time to time to listen to certain audio streaming sites that don't work on a newer version of FF, and have to check the config file to make sure it's set to false.
Regarding trying to install the Adobe Flash Player I was having trouble with, my brother did it remotely with a software program called LogMeIn; he clicked on the appropriate button using a mouse and got the player downloaded successfully for me. It looks like the plugin finder or Flash installer is totally inaccessible for the blind user. Thanks one and all for your feedback and suggestions for making things more accessible to people using the keyboard and a screenreader. God bless.

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By the way, if you're finding that Firefox crashes on you on certain sites containing flash, check out this bulletin.


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