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douglas richard dexheimer

I recently experienced a problem updating Adobe Flash Player in order to listen to a certain station. At some point I was notified of an error in downloading the upgrade, and when I went back to the station I was alerted to install the missing plugin, Adobe Flash Player 11.3 something. When I clicked on the install option, followed by next, there were two unresponsive (or inaccessible) dialogs: one was the Adobe Flash Player 11.3 Installer and had two buttons, a blank one and a Q (quit) button. Pressing the blank button only brought me to the desktop and the installer dialog remained put. The other dialog was a plugin finder service with a cancel button and nothing else to choose from. This makes it impossible to install the latest version of Adobe without sighted help; pressing the blank button in the first mentioned dialog (Jaws won't tell me what that button does) just brings up the desktop and nothing changes.
Perhaps my brother could take a look at this with LogMeIn, or someone on the JFW list can provide feedback on resolving this. I now have the above-mentioned apps running on my system, so Big Doug please log on anytime and try to troubleshoot this problem. Thanks, and good night.

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I went to the St. Philip's web site and was prompted to install the missing plugin, but once I tried to select and install I ended up in an inaccessible Plugin Finder Service Center where I don't have a clue what to do or what to select. I just find a list of different readme help sections or sites selling products. Can you please try to log in and take a look? Thanks.
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