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Karen Hughes <khughes8@...>

ben, i wanted to forward you some helpful information for i tunes.

Insert g for guides

Insert h for hotkeys

Navigation Keys

Go to Home Page Alt+Home

Go Back a Page Alt+LeftArrow

Go Forward a Page Alt+RightArrow

Follow the currently playing song in the Music Library Control+Shift+F

Window Access

Access the Sources Sidebar Control+Shift+S

Access the Music Library directly Control+Shift+L

Return to the track list Control+L

iTunes Store Web interface Control+Shift+W

Window Options

Use the library search feature Control+Shift+E

Fast forward through a song Control+RightArrow

Rewind through a song Control+LeftArrow

Uncheck and check songs in the track list. Control+Enter

Enable or disable the column browser. Control+B

Change the column positions and sort columns. Control+Shift+C

Enable or disable multiSelect Control+Shift+M

Shift a track up in a playlist Shift+UpArrow

Shift a track down in a playlist Shift+DownArrow

Drag and Drop Items onto the sources sidebar Control+Shift+D

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From: "Ben Humphreys" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 8:33 PM
Subject: iTunes Store - previewing songs

Good evening all...

Does anyone know how to play a sample of a song in the iTunes Store before purchasing?

When I had vision, this was as simple as clicking the song title in a grid of song title matches.

However, now when I search the iTunes store, it populates the screen with so many links and albums that it's impossible to find the song in question, let alone play a sample.

Example: Go to iTunes Store, F6 to the search field, enter "Amy Winehouse Back to Black" and hit Enter.

Now what? Tab into perpetuity? Jaws cursor? How to move beyond all the albums, TV shows, and other irrelevant junk to find the simple song?

I'm using the latest iTunes on Windows, version


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