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no disrespect here, but if you're having this much of a problem with web visum, then maybe it's time to switch to something else. this thread has gotten so long and it still hasn't been resolved one way or another. just a suggestion. no disrespect intended to anybody.

On 7/2/2012 5:59 PM, Adrian Spratt wrote:
If I were Doug, I get a third of the way down this list before going away to
take a nap.

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Please summarize the pertinent changes you made to your system in the past,
and most recently:

1) version of Windows: Windows XP Vista, or Windows 7? 32 bit or 64 bit?

2) did you upgrade or downgrade Firefox? If so, what versions and in what
sequence? If you did any such upgrades/downgrades recently, did you restart
firefox and/or reboot windows after each installation/upgrade/downgrade?

3) do you have a clear recollection of the combination of versions of JAWS
and Webvisum that you tried with the various versions of Firefox?

4) have you tried contact the vendor(s)? If so, which ones, when, and about
what specific part of the problem, or interaction of problems?

5) do you run anti-virus and/or malware prevention software? if so, is it
kept current, for both version upgrades and "virus signatures" or similar?
do you regularly scan your system for malware? what security products do you
use on the PC in question?

6) do you keep you operating system updated, for instance with "Microsoft
Patch Tuesday" and related critical security patches and updates?

7) has the BIOS or "hardware" drivers ever been upgraded? if so, how
regularly, and how long ago were they last upgraded/updated? Were any of
those BIOS/driver upgrades done in the middle of any of the episodes of
problems with Firefox and Webvisum? Have you installed any new hardware? If
so, same question: was it in the middle of any problems with FF/Webvisum?

8) have vendor-supplied or 3rd party hardware diagnostics ever been run on
the PC in question? what brand and model is the PC? has the windows "Chkdsk"
hard drive boot diagnostic ever been run? if so, when? Is the BIOS/pre-boot
assessment process set to do a "SMART" check of hard drive integrity?

9) do you have any exotic applications or utilities installed, or if the PC
is in an enterprise/business/corporate setting, is it managed by an IT
support group or person? If so, are they familiar with supporting
accessibility software? Have they done any unusual or specialized
configuration? were any of you network or security settings changed?

10) What version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) is installed? IE6,
IE7, IE8, IE9? Do you use IE? Did you upgrade IE at all during the periods
of time in which you began to have problems with Firefox and Webvisum?

11) do you have any other major software installed, such as Microsoft
Office? If so, what version?

12) what account(s) were used to do the above installations/changes? were
"local administrator" accounts used? did you click on "as administrator" to
execute installer programs? Did any IT support people use "remote control"
type software to access your system to make changes?

13) was the system imaged or re-imaged? If so, what other backups have been
done. If no imaging was done, what backups were done?

14) have you had ANY other problems with the PC in question?


Please note: I could probably ask hundreds of more similar questions, but
the above are probably most of the most important ones asked during standard
troubleshooting by professional IT support (with no knowledge of the
specific hardware).

You have four major "moving parts": Windows, JAWS, FF and Webvisum.
Diagnosing that combination alone is potentially a huge nightmare, but some
of the other factors in the above list of questions could easily also play a
big role and make the complexity and difficulty of finding a resolution very
difficult and unlikely.

As I stated before, you should test before installing this kind of stuff on
a work PC, preferably on another similar PC dedicated to testing, with a
"fresh" install of Windows and minimal other software or other exotic

The reality is that JAWS is cr*p (mainly because the Windows architecture is
cr*p), and doing anything unusual or complicated with it is asking for

A continuous stream of software upgrades and updates, especially alongside
use of exotic access software, does not result in a more stable system over

You should plan on backing up all your important data and settings, and
doing a "clean install" or clean "re-image" fairly regularly if you insist
on experimenting with exotic configurations with little or no vendor

(just my opinion of course, your "mileage" may vary)

have a nice day.

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I just thought I'd pass on all the info collected from last year and
see if anyone could offer some suggestions for recovering Webvisum or
undoing the change I made to the install.rdf file. Whatever I did may
have corrupted WV on my system so that the functionality is no longer
there even though the plugin is said to be installed and enabled and
all the different options checked. I'll try to be more careful in the
future before making a rash change to a file, and try to examine each
post in detail before deciding whether to send it to the list. Thanks.

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