Re: Jaws and Office 2010 Ribbon Shortcuts

Soronel Haetir

And for the second part, with the long description, what choice have
you made for the Verbosity setting?

To check that if you aren't sure, hit jaws+6 then type "Verbosity
level" in the search bar. If you are using an older version of jaws
that doesn't have the search feature it's still under the jaws+6
program but I forget the exact menu item name.

On 6/26/12, David Greene <> wrote:
Hi, did you try bringing Jaws to the focus, press alt, down arrow once to
options, press enter, the first set of boxes you land on will give you
some options for how Jaws speaks menus. Maybe this will help?
David Greene
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hi listers

Sorry my last email was sent to the list without content.. i have the
following issues with office 2010 ribbon. any
help is highly appreciated.
1. when i turn on virtual ribbons, navigating the menues, jaws doesn't
say the shortcut keys so that i can memorize for later faster menu
choosing. is there a jaws key stroke so that i can use to receive the
ribbon item shortcut?

2. i decided to switch back to normal ribbon instead of virtual
ribbon. on each press of arrow keys to navigate the ribbon jaws says
"you are currently on the ribbon. to navigate the ribbon items press
tab and shift tab, etc ...". then after this long descriptive
repeatative text it announces the shortcutkey of that item. i tried a
lot to find how i can make jaws not to say this descriptive long text
so that i can easily hear the shortcut as soon as the item name is
told but i couldn't find the setting to do so. any idea?

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