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Ah, so what you included in your message was Persian?
What does it mean? And do you read from right to left, sorry not
to know something so basic.

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Well, I also don't understand Arabic - We, Persians, just share
most of the
letters. You reported a helpful experience: I also do not
remember, when
using JAWS 10.0 few years ago, to face such a problem. If
somebody else
report the result with JAWS 11.0, then we can locate when has
this problem
emerged. JAWS 13 has also the same issue on my trial version.

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Hi, Hamid and Soronel,
Soroonel, that was a great idea, so I performed the same
experiment. I'm using JAWS 9, and I do not speak, understand or
read Arabic, but I believe I hear consistent sounds if I read
character using the left or right arrow key.
Here's a phonetic representation of what I hear, reading from
right to left, which, Hamid, I think is the correct way to read
Arabic? Please forgive me if I'm wrong about that. I'm spelling
the sounds so JAWS speaks what I'm hearing. Obviously, the
space and silence are not sounds, but what's really there, a
space or a silence! If you navigate using control right arrow,
you will hear each element as I heard it. Here goes:
seen silence seen (it actually may be seem, I can't quite
tell...) ayn heh ayn ka space dad ka sad aleph lan (again, it
be lam...or even lanm) dal heh theh meem silence beh
Every time I read by character, I get the same sounds, so I'm
getting the inconsisistencies you both heard.
HTH! And let us know what happens! Good luck!


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I can confirm that if I move over your test sequence by word or
character, (either left to right or right to left) that my
English eloquence synthesizer does not produce consistent
don't know either language/script and so can't tell you under
circumstances it's screwing up, only that I do get different
where I would expect them to be the same.

Do you have a native Arabic/Persian synthesizer available? I
not expect you to have particularly good results unless you do
such a synthesizer.

On 6/23/12, Hamid Hamraz <hhamraz@...> wrote:
Dear Folks,

I am using JAWS 12.0 32-bit on windows 7. I've noticed that on
character/words JAWS works completely randomly! For instance,
for a letter
or word when I use the arrow keys to hear it again, I hear a
different thing each time. I've also renewed my windows 7
recently, but the
problem persists.

Does anybody have a clue where the problem is? JAWS, Windows?

Here are a few Persian characters:

بیمثهدلاصخض خعهعسکس

For me, the problem persists both in typing and reading. Could
you test


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