Re: a question about empty documents

Adrian Spratt

There are several OCR options. I use OmniPage 18, which is software-only. It
costs in the neighborhood of $100, perhaps a little more and possibly a
little less when on sale. The manufacturer is Nuance.

OpenBook and Kurzweil are reading machines that include OCR capability.

There are other options that have been covered many times on this list and
elsewhere. You could Google those discussions.

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any links to the said ocr program? will appreciate.thanks.

On 6/23/12, A.J. LaPointe <> wrote:
I know that when I get a blank doc while in a pDF or something else, I

it with open book and it brings out the information... I just print
the Doc

to Openbook's Freedom Printer and there it is.. Andy

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Subject: a question about empty documents

I have the latest in adobe and still, at times, I get something that
does not convert. It says empty document.
This happens more at work on our computers there.
Is it that it is a picture of words such as captcha or is it something

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