Re: a question about empty documents

Chris Smart <csmart8@...>

that's because the document was scanned, and the pdf just contains the scanned images. Boy does this one come up a lot here!
You have a few choices:
1. use Jaws 13's convenient OCR to read one screen at a time. This is the least elegant.
2. Run the file through OCR software, such as K1000 or OpenBook for the blind, or just about any off the shelf OCR program such as OmniPage or FineReader.
3. Print the file on paper and scan the pages.
4. Most beneficial would be making your boss aware of the problem, and siting relevant accessibility legislation.

At 08:59 PM 6/22/2012, you wrote:
I have the latest in adobe and still, at times, I get something that does not convert. It says empty document.
This happens more at work on our computers there.
Is it that it is a picture of words such as captcha or is it something else?

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