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Well, I will disagree slightly with that response. The average person with even a high tech capability doesn't have the wherewithall to test anti-virus programs.

There are independent labs that test these and you can see the results in reputable magazines.

For a free product, Microsoft Security Essentials has tested very high. It rivals most of the commercial anti-virus programs in terms of effectiveness, and it is the top-rated free anti-virus program. Check out the articles in Windows Secrets magazine, which are archived for members, among other places.

The thing I like about MSSE is that it is unobtrusive, doesn't pop up any strange dialogs in front of Jaws that you have to kill like AVG did, and it is completely accessible.

Lansing, MI

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The only way to find out if it's really better is to test it against actual viruses and malicious programmes. Many people use it; it wouldn't hurt you to try out the programme for yourself and see if you like it. Always remember that there are lots of alternatives available, and that's almost always a good thing....

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Is Microsoft Security Essentials better than Avast, or does it really replace a Virus protection program. I've heard good and bad things about it, and have considered putting it on my system.
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Microsoft Security Escentials. Meets all of your requirements, and well,
doesn't bust your system in several different places. Just a thought.

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I'm running windows 7 and jaws 12. I'm looking for a free accessible
comprehensive security program that blocks viruses, spyware, etc. Any
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