backup files from iPhone without iTunes

Rob <musicmaker365@...>

Jaws works with this program. No scripts needed.
But some hotkeys would be nice!
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I am back with another program by the Copytrans Team. This program is called CopyTrans. Please dont confuse it with the free CopyTrans Manager.
Let me explain! CopyTrans is not free. it is shareware.
it allows you to backup your iPhone or iPod to folders on your PC, or you can restore to iTunes.
But as for me, I dont use itunes.
In this demo, I use Jaws 11 on a Windows7 64bit PC.
The program is called CopyTrans, but it was confusing, so I renamed it to CopyTransBackup.
Download it from:
the web site is
remember, if you dont have iTunes installed, please install the CopyTrans Drivers:

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