Re: What Happened To Popular CAPTCHA Solving Tools?


Hacking is not an offense.

(One could make the argument that JAWS is a "hack" since Windows was never designed to be used in the way that screen reading software functions.)

Hacking was originally innocent and a form of status in "underground" culture. It simply meant that a clever person, usually a nerdy techie, had figured out how to use some device for a better purpose than it was designed for, typically by using some trick only known to people with high levels of creativity and insight into deep tech.

There are (more or less), two commonly accepted types of hacking in the vernacular:

1. "white hat" hacking. This "good hacking"

2. "Black hat" hacking. This is "bad hacking". Some forms of "black hat" hacking are criminal, some involve terrorism, some state sponsored "cyberwar".

There is also "gray" hacking. Some "bad" hacking is seen as having a "good" element. It all depends on one's perspective.

Typically, leading edge technology moves far ahead of social ethics, laws, beliefs, etc. It is easier for technological and economic change to happen than cultural and psychological/spiritual change. Cultural change always lags far behind the leading edge of technology.

Suppressing technical creativity is medieval. The classical example is Galileo's dispute over the Church's teaching that the earth was the center of the solar system.

(This is basically what Marx said. Evolution created the world as we know it, not the guiding hand of some mythic, supernatural force.)

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What makes you say that?

I don't believe in hacking just to see if you can.

that is an offense our country.

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