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On 6/22/2012 9:09 AM, Gerald Levy wrote:
Great news, gang. I am extremely happy to report that Webvisum is up and
running again. It's web site is back, and when you launch Firefox, you
should hear the normal welcome message, "Alert,you are logged on to
Webvisum". I verified that it works by submitting an image captcha from a
test page,and Webvisum successfully decoded it. So it is not necessary to
locate and modify the Hosts file to get it to work. Hopefully, Webvisum
will continue to function for a long time to come. But if it ever
does go away for good, at least it is reassuring to know that there are
potential alternatives available like Rumola and Captcha Monster.


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just a tiny bit of info. if anybody is interested in captcha monster if
web visum dies again, here are the fees in attached file.

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You can find all the available plans on

These are are as follows:
$2.99 for 60 CAPTCHAs/month
$4.99 for 120 CAPTCHAs/month
$9.99 for 760 CAPTCHAs/month

Please let me know if you need any further help.

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