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Soronel Haetir

I'm not going to bother after as long as the hosts file edit works
(and as far as I can tell it does work), after making that change
webvisum is able to login again.

On 6/21/12, cecropia64 <cecropia64@...> wrote:
i just got a free trial of this captcha monster. but there's a catch. it
is a monthly service with fee and i'm trying to find out how much. if there

is a catch, that's probably it. i'll let folks know if it's something
worthy of looking into or not.
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I've never heard of CaptchaMonster before but am interested to try
this out. After I take the time to test, I will pass my findings onto
the list.

I have done a brief search of the Web for anything else I can find
about blind users locating alternative techniques to Solona and
Webvisum. Aside from the possibility you have raised, Gerald, it
looks as if everyone is in the same boat without an obvious solution
aside from the sighted reader. As an example, check out this
reference to a thread I found on the Klango network:

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