Re: Solving captcha if you are totally blind.

George B

because it takes both the first letter of each word you type and gives you
also a chance of getting it correct if you get two of the five words correct
in your answer

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Hello, I agree! That new captcha voice is terrible! Also, Why does it
say 2 words when there are more like 5 or 6? What do we do as totally
blind computer users now that webvisum is gone? Is it gone or just
undergoing some kind of upgrade? As a full time internet marketer for
a living myself captcha sucks! At least with webvisum it solved 90% of
my problems but what now? Also, What does it mean when jaws says
application mode? I was trying to fill out a form today but couldn't
get out of this application mode. It seems like forms mode will not
deactivate when I press the pc cursor key.

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