Re: One Drive Sign-in Question

Tom Behler



Where’s the OneDrive web site?


I’ll give things a try once I know this.


I used to be able to sign into OneDrive by accessing OneDrive on the system tray, but are you saying that’s not possible any more?


Sounds like progress to me!  (smile)


Tom Behler



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Subject: Re: One Drive Sign-in Question


What I do is go on to OneDrive website itself. , change my password there, and then sign in with the regular way. Otherwise, it doesn't work. After you're signed in again, with your new password, you should be OK. If you don't want this, do not check the quote. Change my password every 72 days. Quote.

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Subject: One Drive Sign-in Question


Hello, everyone.


I want to send a file to someone via Onedrive, but, apparently, my Onedrive credentials need to be updated.


I used to do this by finding Onedrive in the system tray, and then tabbing over to the sign-in option.


Once there, I got edit fields telling me where to enter my credentials.


I can no longer find these edit fields.


When I hit enter on the sign-in button, I get a message that says Onedrive loading, but I’m apparently still not signed in.


Has Onedrive been updated, and if so, are there new procedures to get to the sign-in functions?


Thanks for any help.


Dr.  Tom Behler From Michigan


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