Re: Trouble Reading By Paragraph In Emails

Mike B.

One thing you could try is to install J16 on your computer and use the J16 version when using email.  J16 is the last Jaws version to have the Outlook Express scripts.
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From: K0LNY
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2023 7:29 PM
Subject: Trouble Reading By Paragraph In Emails

Using Jaws 2020, Windows 7, and Outlook Express.
I'm guessing the last time I was able to read by paragraph in my outlook
express messages with Jaws was 2019 version.
When I get NFB TV listings for the day, it uses HTML commands, and I jump
from channel to channel with #3, for heading level 3.
It always worked a long time back to move from episode to episode for the 24
hour period by doing control down arrow.
At some point in the past, it quit working, and in retrospect, I'm guessing
it was when I started using 2020.
Today I had loaded NVDA for another reason, and hadn't switched back to
Jaws, and I checked the TV guide to see what other episodes were on tonight,
and I tried the control down arrow, and it worked like Jaws used to.
With 2020, when I do control down arrow under a channel, it skips a channel
or two and starts reading an episode in another channel further down.
I had just accepted that something had changed in Jaws and lived with it,
but seeing that it still works properly in NVDA, I'm wondering what I might
change in Jaws to make it work right.
Jaws still moves by heading number in eMails, just not by paragraph.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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